Here’s The 10 Most Extreme Stunts On YouTube

Posted on Jul 3 2013 - 9:34pm by admin

We all know that a lot of people go to YouTube not because the website has a lot of educational videos, which it does, but because of the entertaining videos you can find on the website. When you take a look at the videos that get the most views it becomes easy to notice a trend. Videos that get the most views are usually those that are unique in some kind of way.

These are videos that keep you glued for the time the take to get finished. This is very hard to do when you have so many other competing forces on the internet. So what kind of videos really seem to keep people glued to the screen? Well that would be videos where extreme stunts are performed.

Extreme stunt videos on YouTube are routinely viewed for various reasons. But we can focus on a few core reasons. Here are some:

  • Extreme stunt videos on YouTube are usually those that feature the type of shock value it would be hard for you to find anywhere else. Yes, there are shows dedicated to showing extreme stunts, but these are usually all performed by professionals. On YouTube there are a lot of videos where the stunts are performed by novices and this creates an element of risk that makes watching such videos even more exciting.
  • Extreme stunt videos on YouTube are not limited to just any one type. You can find extreme stunt videos for just about anything you can think of and there are also subcategories when it comes to this. For instance, maybe you only want to watch those videos where a stunt goes wrong. Well there are plenty of these on YouTube. Maybe you want to focus on a specific type of stunt. All of this is available.
  • Extreme stunt videos on YouTube can be far more shocking then what you might ever see on television. There is certain types of stunts that only get aired on certain stations or never get aired at all. YouTube gives people a platform to make these videos and then build an audience so that they can make a name for themselves. Viewers do not have to worry about television trying to sensor what they can see.

Now here are some extreme stunt video titles you can find on YouTube. The name can be types into the search box as is and you will find it.

David Belle – Urban Highflyer Extreme Stunts (The Real Spiderman)

David Belle has been nicknamed the Real Spiderman. The kid is a professional stunt artist who is able to perform all sorts of daring and incredible stunts. You have to watch this video to believe what he can do. Most of what he does is high risk, which makes it all the more exciting.

Criss Angel Mindfreak: Extreme Stunts

You all have heard of Criss Angel right? Well if you have not he is nothing but the hottest young magician in America right now. The stunts he performs are really mind blowing. He does a lot of tricks on the street with spectators. He sometimes gives behind the scenes looks at magic tricks and will sometimes have celebrity guests. The video name above is a compilation of stunts, including a finisher where he sets himself on fire.

The most extreme stunt landing ever?

In this video you are going to see a stunt that is not really a stunt, but more so an amazing accomplishment considering the circumstances. In this video a plan loses its wing in mid flight. The pilot has to then safely land it. An incredible video.

Extreme Stunts – Jumping Off 30 foot building

In this extreme stunt video you are going to see a man leap off of a 30 foot building. You can imagine that this has to be unpleasant. The name of the man in the video is Ben and he has several videos.

America’s Got Talent MOST DANGEROUS ACT: Amazing Sword Swallower near Disaster

America’s Got Talent is a cool talent show where people from all walks of life get the chance to compete for a prize of a million dollars. In this video Dan Meyers swallows 10 swords in ninety seconds right before a live audience during the auditions.

Shaolin Super Humans

In this video you are going to get some very rare footage of what takes place inside a very secluded Monk Monastery. The training you will observe in this video are harsh and new students get put through them so that they can become near super human.

Extreme Motorbike Stunts

In this extreme stunts video you are going to see a compilation of incredible bike stunts performed in Tokyo with the world Champion biker Chris Pfeiffer.

Extreme Dirt Bike Stunts!

In this video you are getting a compilation of different extreme dirt bike stunts. Where does all of this take place you might ask? In the Okanagan, which is British Columbia’s best kept secret.

Extreme Dirt Bike Stunts! Where? The Superdome, Astrodome, BC Place? Nope. It’s the Okanagan, British Columbia’s last best kept secret

Extreme Free Running, parkour, stunts, acrobatics

This is a compilation video where you will see numerous tricks performed and stunts. A lot of the best stunts performed by the group are in this video.

Extreme bagjump freedrop stunts tricks diving onto a air bag from 30m high Awolnation Sail song

In this video a professional jumper names Daniel Mos from the website shows his ability to do jumping back flip stunts and diving tricks from very high heights onto a large air bag. All of this is filmed with Gopro hero’s camera in Melbourne at the Grand Prix.

The stunts mentioned in this article might not be the most extreme you can find on YouTube, but they are right up there. When you are looking for these types of videos on YouTube it is important to remember that the ones that get the most views are probably those you can find in many different places around the internet.

These are viral videos most of the time, which means they are the best of the best. But you certainly do not have to limit yourself to only videos that got the most views. Give other extreme stunt videos a chance, because you might actually like them better depending on what you are into.

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